Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 72

Sometime last week, a friend of mine mentioned something about possibly going bowling. Now, I haven't been bowling in YEARS. And let's be honest, I was never very good. Saturday night it was, filled with black lights, disco balls, and bad music. Typically my goal for bowling is always the same - just try to break 100. We had time to play 3 games. Game one: 71. (Bowling: 1, Farron 0). Game two: 94. (Bowling: 2, Farron: 0). Game three: 110 (Bowling: 2, Farron 1). They say, the third time is the charm. In. your. face. bowling(!).

Movies Watched: 1 (YTD 31)
Shutter Island Dir. Martin Scorsese 2010 (yes, for the 2nd time!)
Records Bought: 0 (YTD 7)
Shows Attended: 0 (YTD 1)

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