Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 13

This was my view for three hours of my morning. I had to go the dealership where I bought my car and have them check some things. My car was making some pretty strange noises. I sat, and I sat, and I sat some more. Finally, after three hours and not to mention a sore thumb form playing with my iphone, the VW man emerged with my financial fate. Would I have to pay a ridiculous amount? Would I get lucky?
He walks over and begins to tell me what they did my little car, but, I don't speak car. I have no clue what he's telling me about, but he ends the conversation with "you're all set!", I reluctantly say "how much?" He says "everything is covered under warranty, no charge". Well, I must say, that was music to my ears! Now, my car is fixed AND I didn't have to pay anything. Score.

Movies Watched: 0 (YTD 4)
Records Bought: 0 (YTD 5)
Shows Attended: 0 (YTD 0)

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