Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 22

Did some shopping this evening for some gifts. Well, prizes, technically. We (my mom and sister) are hosting a baby shower for my other sister in a couple of weeks. I was put in charge of the games and other fun things. Got a few fun prizes and wrapped them up all cute. I always hate going to someone else's shower and getting some ugly little trinket to sell on eBay. The guests at this shower are in for a treat. There will be need to re-gifting.
My mother is in charge of decorations. And, lets just say she went a tad over budget. It's going to be a fairly small shower, and I think she bought waaaay too many things...but we shall see.

Movies Watched: 0 (YTD 8)
Records Bought: 0 (YTD 6)
Shows Attended: 0 (YTD 1)

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