Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 20

A lesson in damage control. Yesterday there was a minor incident in my mothers kitchen. Someone, who shall remain nameless, was going to take the left over spaghetti sauce out the refrigerator to eat for dinner. After a quick fumble there was red sauce everywhere. And I mean everywhere. I found some today on the INSIDE of a cabinet. Seriously. Everywhere.
So we had a slight problem, we had lots of cooked spaghetti to go with the homemade sauce. Now, there's no sauce.
The problem arises. What to do with all the cooked pasta? My family is italian, so using jarred sauce will likely result in criminal charges. I was forced to think outside of the box and create a new dish using the pasta.
I found some shrimp in the freezer and attempted to make a cross over dish. I call it "Italy meets the Far East". Using sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds to "Asian-it-up" as well as some fresh garlic and cilantro to balance out the Italian. Finishing touches included onion, red and green pepper, and mushrooms, as well as cayenne pepper to give it a little Korean kick. The result? A pretty darn tasty little dish.

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