Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4

Today is the first Monday of 2010. That being said, I wanted to start off the year being productive. Easier said than done. I get distracted. Easily. My day started out at a Barnes & Noble Cafe (aka Starbucks) typing away on my laptop, doing some writing for other projects, and sipping a white chocolate mocha. I then proceeded to buy a new journal (to aid in my daily productivity) as well as a few photography magazines (it's a addiction really). I then ate some lunch at a local sub shop, then hit up the local thrift store.
I love thrift stores. Can I just say that? 'Cause I do. Anyway, during my meanderings my eyes spotted a few rarities. Some old school cameras. I am a collector of sorts when it comes to vintage cameras. I bought a Kodamatic 980L instant camera (Kodak's version of the "Polaroid" circa 1982) and a Yashica Super 8 25 movie camera (Japan made, circa 1967). Both cameras were only five dollars each! And the movie camera came in a Bell & Howell Bag (a different camera company popular in the 1950s). Crazy.

Movies Watched: 1
Joyeux Noel Dir. Christian Carion. 2005
Records Bought: 0
Shows Attended: 0


  1. you can just say that you love thrift stores, because I LOVE them too. I only shop at them and they're seriously my all time favorite places to be. Let's get this going for a while and you'll see a lot of my posts will be what I find at thrift stores.

  2. haha. i was JUST coming to tell you how much emily and i love thrift stores ;)