Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9

Today was a big day. Well, not really. It was like any other Saturday, but this time I went with my mother to get a pedicure. I believe it's the second (or possibly third) one I've had. For my mother's birthday last November I gave her a coupon saying I would pay for a pedicure for HER, seeing as how, they are not really my thing. BUT, since we were already there, she basically forced me (is that sarcastic enough?) to get one too.
I think the guy giving me the pedicure was getting a little carried away. Is yelling out "Yes, baby! I love you!", inappropriate? ...'Cause he did. Multiple times. Yikes.

Movies Watched: 0
Records Bought: 0
Shows Attended: 0


  1. you dont like pedicures????? omggggggggg. i LOVE pedicures. lovelovelovelovelove them. I need to get another one.

    also. I thought that your count of movies/records/shows was going to be continual, so that the number kept growing throughout the year????

  2. well, I do have a master list in a journal, I suppose I could put the totals here on the blog! Thanks Steph, that would make more sense :) lol

  3. oh ok. good. because it confused me, haha. =)